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We here at JAVS are building a fresh perspective to our customers for practicality, navigation and simplicity. For information on our Viewer 7 and CaseViewer software, as well as a download link, please see below.

Viewer 7 is a free download from our website and is designed for the playback of all session files.  The controls allow the user to navigate the playback of your court recordings using the interactive table of contents created by the session logs that were input during live court.  In addition, there are simply play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind controls to quickly locate the desired spot in a recording for review.  Controls for volume allow the user to monitor and adjust the audio levels of any available audio channels of a session as well as the overall volume of the session.  Viewer 7 Pro is $50 upgrade that adds all the features required by a professional court transcriptionist to control playback using a foot-pedal. Please note that all JAVS recording files contain a standard Windows Media file (.WMV) that can be shared or accessed for playback of any recorded proceeding..Download Here

CaseViewer 3.3.6 is our previous profesional transcription and viewing software designed for use with JAVS Suite versions prior to the release of Suite 7. Download Here

JAVS World-Class Training is offered in-house by our own skilled and experienced training department. For more information or to register for a training class click here


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